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Ugandan Bugisu

Ugandan Bugisu

African coffee with a darker aroma than the Ethiopian roasts
R 265.00 R 374.00
Picture of Brazilian


Nutty, sweet, low-acid, and develop exceptional bittersweet and chocolate roast tastes
R 340.00
Picture of Breakfast


Morning waker upper coffee, a simple coffee with good taste.
R 346.00
Picture of Colombian


Medium to high acidity and body, and a pronounced and complete aroma, what you should expect from a Single Origin Colobian Bean
R 394.00
Picture of Continental Espresso

Continental Espresso

A strong coffee made just for a good cappuccino
R 351.00
Picture of Decaf coffee

Decaf coffee

If decaf is your thing, this Decaf coffee from Columbia is awesome
R 452.00
Picture of Ethiopian Limu

Ethiopian Limu

Single Origin coffee with a sweet, spicy/winey flavour and balanced body
R 366.00
Picture of Guatemalan


Great Single Origin coffee with a delightful aroma, pleasant acidity, full body, and delicate sweetness
R 388.00
Picture of Haiti - Mocha Java

Haiti - Mocha Java

What you expect from a good Mocha Java. Coffee combination of Indonesian and Ethiopian beans
R 361.00
Picture of Honduras


Coffee that is hearty with a bright acidity and oak-like finish, a touch of nut-inspired flavour, and a Single Origin Bean.
R 365.00