Espresso Coffee

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Picture of Continental Espresso

Continental Espresso

A strong coffee made just for a good cappuccino
R 351.00
Picture of Moka Crema

Moka Crema

Chocolaty coffee espresso great for Cappucino or a good medium espresso
R 354.00
Picture of Roast Master Blend

Roast Master Blend

With a Robusta base, this coffee makes a great crema and a perfect Medium bodied coffee
R 349.00
Picture of Rossini Espresso

Rossini Espresso

Coffee with a great combination of Ethiopian and African beans for an excellent espresso or cappuccino
R 267.00 R 349.00
Picture of Italian


Typical Italian flavours in this coffee made in the Italian way
R 336.00
Picture of Jigga


Coffee of Arabica pearl beans
R 310.00